Paint My Bike

Letís Create Your Dream Bike

Here's how it works depending on if you are local or out of state:

For out of state customers, figure on adding $200 for shipping and insurance costs each way.  Remember that fenders can usually slip inside each other.  Then we communicate via email or phone and we’ll send you weekly photos of the progress being made.

All parts must be empty of gas and oil!

For local customers, you call 651-646-2090 to arrange a time to come in to the shop for an estimate.  We are conveniently located in the Como Business Park off Highway 51, Snelling Avenue, by the State Fairgrounds.

You can bring a hand drawn example of what you have in mind like this customer: 
sketch and final product
You can bring in a photograph, or a paint job from a magazine. If you're still undecided, we have over 18 years of magazine examples organized into 3 ring binders that you can look through.  We listen as you talk about what you like and eventually a pattern will emerge that we can then sketch up.

If you have several different ideas but are unsure of which one you want to go with, we can spray up a test panel in the actual colors that will be used on your bike.  Test panels usually run about $1000 for time and materials.  The test panel is yours to keep when the job is complete and the materials will already be purchased for your tins.

Next we move on to the color.  We have paint chip examples galore. Probably over 3000 options. But to keep things simple, we start with the House of Kolor chip book and PPG's latest high quality color swatches. These paint companies use top of the line materials and most customers find their color(s) within these two books.
By the way, the sand-able primers that we use are also top of the line. There are a lot of high end painters out there that use a cheaper product at this stage, but we've found from looking at their finished product that cheapening out on the primers results in sand scratches showing up months down the road. Not worth it in our book.

So now we have a design and the color(s) that will be used. So we write up the work order listing everything we've talked about and you confirm by signing it. Pricing is based on an hourly rate plus materials so a ballpark amount is not always possible - especially on one-of-a-kind creations.  But hopefully you are coming to Customized Creations because of our reputation for excellence!   So since this is hourly, we are meticulous about start and stop times. The phone rings, time stops. We do an errand, time stops. We don't want any mental noise about what we’re charging you. We believe in fairness and our past customers can attest to that.

For paint jobs under $5000, we request half down at the time that the work order is signed.  This can be cash or check.  For those who want to use credit card, we go through so an 8% charge is added to cover processing costs.

For paint jobs over $5000, we request a down payment of $2000 then billing amounts based on phases. 

  1. Extensive bodywork would be phase 1.  When finished, we let you know what the time and materials are and receive payment.  This allows you to fine tune your paint job based on what you want to spend.  We’ll give you the pros and cons of each successive step to simplify the decision process.
  2. Sanding, then base color paint work is phase 2. 
  3. Artwork is phase 3.
  4. Then the final finish - standard, burying clear, or glass finish. 

Upon completion of your paint job, balance is due in cash unless other arrangements have been made.  All parts are to be picked up within 30 days.

So now that you‘re ready for your dream bike, contact Customized Creations via email or phone and we’ll let you know how many other customers are in-line ahead of you. 
Yes, we usually have a waiting list so instead of bringing in your parts and being unable to ride, you have the option of reserving your place in line with a $200 deposit. The deposit is non-refundable since it can be a determining factor for the next person calling, but the amount is applied to the cost of your paint job.  The only exception is for Twin Cities Harley Davidson in Blaine.  They have been our fleet account since the early 1990’s so they have priority.  Which is also why we don’t promise a time frame of completion, we don’t know if HD will require some paint work or if a customer ahead of you will add on to their order.  However, if you have facebook, you can go to Customized Creations Motorcycle Paint and receive weekly updates of happenings in the shop.

Raw MetalPrimed
Primed PartsMasked/Painted
Rear Fender
Front fender
Ready to ride