we're about more than just paint

Customized Creations will not only fill that tiny dent of yours, but will expertly pull the large dent out in such a manner that it gets to that point where the metal "pops" back to it's original curvature. In simpler terms, I don't just mud up your dents, I can pull them back out, then finish it off with the mud. That way you don't turn your 6 gallon tank into a 5 gallon because some other body guy just slaps a ton of bondo over the indent. 
On this molding page I could show you a couple pictures of repaired dents...but that would be boring. *yawn*

So I've opted to create for you a video clip of one the show bikes that Customized Creations did the molding on.  This entails the molding on the frame, tank, fenders, air scoop, integrated side covers, swingarm...ok - all of it!  The pictures of the parts in metal is how everything looked upon arrival at the shop.  
The bike is the creation of Jocko - East Side H & D, the welding - T & L Custom, bodywork and Spectraflair paint - Customized Creations, Kandy Red graphics - Krazy Kolors, clearcoat and polishing - Customized Creations.  The music is Afro Celt Sound System "Release".  Enjoy!.