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Paint My Wall!   A Co-Creation with Artguy Chuck

Customized Creations offers murals for any home or business in a co-creation with Artguy Chuck Hues. Together, we bring 45 years of experience in the art field, and our work can be seen in over 12 states.

When requesting a quote please email with the following information:

  1. Address, City and State
  2. Size of space
  3. Indoor or Outdoor
  4. Describe your vision within this space
  5. Type of wall and if there are any obstructions
  6. Type of paint used on the existing wall (if any).  Is it latex acrylic ‘friendly’?  Do you have some of the wall color paint left for us to use (we will need about a quart).
  7. Are you able to email us photos of the area?  That is optimum because there are usually a few small overlooked details that will cost us time or effort that could be covered beforehand.

This information is requested for each room that a mural is to be painted in.

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