About Us

The way Customized Creations does business:

"Custom Painting doesn't mean simply throwing a new funky color or some flames on a vehicle. It's a highly specialized service demanding experience and patience, along with an eye for detail and a mind that can follow strict procedures. In this trade, one false step, one missed instruction and the paint job you've invested some considerable dollars in can blow up, leaving you to start over from the beginning." - Auto Body Repair News

  • We provide the absolute best craftsmanship from start to finish. We hear trades people say "You learn where to take the shortcuts in the business." We don't follow that philosophy. We do not take shortcuts. We do this because it's our passion, it brings us joy. We want your paint job to be as close to perfect as is humanly possible.
  • We've seen other painter’s work that has bubbled, lost adhesion, or dulled out  within  6 - 12 months because they rushed in the preparation stage or used generic materials. But they quoted a lower price - so of course something had to be compromised. We’re the company that you go to when you don't want to sacrifice anything.  We believe integrity is more important than money.
  • We use the highest quality materials from body filler to base color to clear coat; and the best equipment such as Iwata LPH 400 & Mattson HVLP spray guns, a "wet" booth, and full spectrum lighting.
  • We offer color changes in solids, pearls, candys, marble, granite, neon, kameleon, spectraflair, and thermo chromatic. 
  • Graphics in Celtic design, Native American, African, tribal, bladed, and traditional.  Classic flames, realistic flames, two tones and restorations. 
  • Airbrushing in both traditional and computer generated form. 
  • Design work to fit your ideas. We also design "theme" bikes.  If we didn't mention what you're looking for, call us at 651-646-2090 and share your ideas, chances are we can do it.

“One who works with their hands is a laborer; one who works with their hands and brain is a craftsperson; but one who works with their hands, and their brain, and their heart, is an artist.”  - adapted from Louis Nizer